The values that make our culture

Are you a slightly crazy, ambitious go-getter with an allergy for big egos? Then you’ll feel right at home with us, because everything we do at Sendcloud is guided by these three core principles. If something doesn’t meet our values, we don’t do it – simple.

🐮 No bullshit 💩

We have no time for internal politics. Building something new requires trust, so we value a transparent and open culture based on freedom and responsibility. We train our people in delivering candid feedback with good intent, cause that’s how we grow. By acknowledging our failures and learning from the perspectives of others, we create winning teams!

🎓 Grow & win 🏆

We are mad passionate about our mission, pushing ourselves to become true shipping super stars. We recognise that we’re all in this together. Great ideas are there to be executed, whether you’ve been with us for a year, a month or just a week. We hire to create culturally diverse teams, ’cause that’s where the winning happens. Let’s celebrate our differences and grow together!

🎉 Have fun 🥂

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Having fun is the key to success and happiness – on and off the job. Connect with your colleagues over a game of pool, celebrate your successes over a beer and go loco at one of our (in)famous company parties. Be yourself, even if you’re a little crazy. We hire you for being you, so have fun and enjoy the ride!

Got your head in the clouds already?

Before you apply, take a second to learn more about how our hiring process works or find answers to any lingering questions.