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Inside Sendcloud's onboarding experience

Among fears of Covid-19 restrictions, an average of 25 new colleagues starting every month, two offices, and dozens of open remote positions, our Talent Support team (HR) has never been busier. Onboarding new colleagues can be among the greatest challenges for a company, a process that can make or break their entire employee journey.

After carefully identifying both strengths and pain points, we decided to breathe new air into our onboarding process. We sat down with Hannah Weierganz and Floris Joosten from our Talent Support team to explore the behind-the-scenes of Sendcloud's onboarding experience and what makes it the kickstart of our employee journey💥

Tell us about your roles and responsibilities during the onboarding process.

Both: Hi! We’re Hannah Weierganz (H), Talent Support Hero (TS Hero) in our Munich office, and Floris Joosten (F), TS Hero based in our Eindhoven HQ.

As TS Heroes, we are responsible for hosting the whole onboarding week. Right from their start, we offer our best support to new employees to ensure a smooth start! After this, we keep supporting them throughout their employee journey.

What do you like the most about your job? 

H: Being a TS Hero means that I am in contact with every Sendcloud employee right from the start, which is something I love. I can see how their path unfolds throughout their time here: I am there if they get a promotion, if they get married, if they take parental leave... TS Heroes are here to help with any administrative side related to these changes. 

F: The best thing about this job for me is getting to know a lot of different people from different departments. As the core of our work is to support our colleagues throughout their employee journey, anyone can be at my desk or in my mailbox at some point!

What does your Sendcloud journey look like?

H: After my trial day in the Munich office, I immediately knew that I wanted to work for Sendcloud: I loved the vibes! So, after three months, I got the job and started my journey here. Since then, I love what I've been doing. I love influencing processes, the day to day business, and at the same time, I see many growth possibilities for my own development towards a senior HR or Business Partner position.

F: When it comes to my Sendcloud journey, I just started in the team a few months ago, and I’m hoping to stay here much longer. Eventually, as time goes by I would love to become sort of a talent coach or Business Partner.

If you could swap roles for a day with someone else in the organization, which role would you like and why?

H: It would be either someone in Finance or on the legal team as I have the most touchpoints with them: that would really give me some great insights and help me do my job even better!

F: I would choose someone in Customer Support. I'd like to see what they go through during the day and what types of questions they receive; I think it would give me a different perspective of the product we build.

Why is it important to have an onboarding process?

H: It’s essential to have an onboarding process to make everyone feel connected to the company and its culture right from the start; to ensure they get to know valuable info and meet the relevant, different stakeholders across the company.

F: You can compare it to a child learning how to ride a bike (probably a really Dutch example). It’s vital to guide new employees and give them a basic understanding of our company, culture, and business so that they can move their first steps independently. After the onboarding, they’ll have gathered the necessary knowledge to guide them along their journey.

What does the onboarding process at Sendcloud look like?

Both: We have a new onboarding program every month, with new employees visiting our Eindhoven HQ for one week. This week is filled with exciting and interactive knowledge sessions, to get to know Sendcloud. 

Spanning from the Sendcloud customer journey to our culture and teams, the beginning of the week is all about knowledge sharing and easing new hires into the company and product. We close the onboarding week with a small contest to choose the best online shop! The whole company joins, and we vote on the best (but usually the funniest) e-commerce store built with our Sendcloud software.

A recent Onboarding Session in our Sendcloud Studio.

During the past two years, Covid-19 changed all of our lives in the most different ways, including the lives of newcomers around the world! How did Sendcloud adapt its approach to creating a successful remote onboarding?

Both: This has been a real challenge for our team, but it brought us to be creative and explore different ways to connect as teams and as a company. First of all, we adapted our initiatives to provide a similar experience to remote colleagues. A digital get-together may never be able to replace the feeling of an in-person one, but adapting our activities and presentations to a hybrid model has been a gigantic step in creating an enriching experience for everyone.

How do you make sure newbies feel welcomed and part of the company? 

H: Every new employee receives a welcome package with some Sendcloud gear and surprise presents before they even start. Moreover, the whole onboarding week is dedicated to them: every department chimes in and hosts an introductory session; we host a webshop contest shared live with the whole company; and we even throw some networking events, such as a dinner out with our founders. 

F: I think we start right during their interview process. We want to make them feel part of the company right away. During the onboarding, we have every department introduce themselves and their work at Sendcloud, and we even have multiple check-ins with our founders. Also, with the current number of hires rising every month, people tend to bond and feel part of their onboarding group.

Hi there! 👋  I am Alicia and as a Talent Magician I am part of the talent acquisition team at Sendcloud. We are a Dutch SaaS company that’s revolutionizing e-commerce around Europe thanks to our cutting-edge platform. Feel free to browse our People stories here, or our tech articles on Make sure to also browse our Jobs page if you see yourself as part of our bunch, we’re always on the search for our next star player! 

Alicia Martínez

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