Join our squad!

How we hire

We hire ambitious, skilled, and curious star players who fit well with our Sendcloud culture. The application process can be different depending on the role, but here’s what you can expect if you’re looking to join our squad.

Week 1


Let's go! We'll start by reviewing your application and look for the right experience. No need to send cupcakes, we’ll get back to you within a week.
Week 2

Phone screening

Step one will be a quick call with our recruiters. We'll get to know more about you, why you want to work with us, and what’s your favorite binge-watching show.
Week 3

Business interview

With your soon-might-be manager or teammates, you’ll go in-depth into your experience, skills, and your cultural fit with the rest of the team.
Week 4

Trial day

A trial day is a time to, well, try out Sendcloud! The day may include a test or more interviews with the team. Virtually or on-site, you'll see first-hand what life is like with us!
You got the job!

Now what?

Sendcloud onboarding!

The time has come: all of our office dogs collectively welcome you to the team! During your first week, you’ll embark (haha get it—bark 🐶) on an epic onboarding adventure, getting to know the company and your new team members. You’ll start a storytelling-powered, one-week journey to discover our company and product through interactive sessions. We end the week with a build-your-own-webshop contest, a big finale held with a side of Friday drinks! 🥂

Coming from abroad?

You're one of us—yay! Once you sign your contract, our Talent Support team will be in touch with you to iron out any practical matters. You'll receive a welcome package to feel part of the team right away and some useful tips on your first few days at Sendcloud.
Coming from abroad? Awesome! We’ll help you out with professional expat assistance, our relocation package, and lots of info sessions to ease you into Dutch life!

Find out how we do that

Still curious?

What it's like working at Sendcloud?


We’re glad you asked! Sendcloud is a fast-growing, international SaaS company in the e-commerce industry. Our culture is definitely a reflection of what we are! Check our Culture and Teams pages to read all about life at Sendcloud and its different departments 🎉

How long will the application process take?


We aim to complete every application process within one month. Of course, this is dependent on lots of variables, such as interviewer availability and personal life. Feel free to discuss any questions or worries with your recruiter, they'll be happy to help.

Oh no! What should I wear?


We always say our dress code is... casual awesome! Whether it’s an interview or your first workday, just be your awesome self. We wanna meet you for you, all day every day! 💃

I can't find a open role that's a fit for me. What should I do?


Don’t worry, we post new jobs every month! Make sure to check our Jobs website regularly to stay up-to-date about new roles across different teams.

I applied last year and wasn't hired. Can I reapply?


Definitely! We recognize that timing is everything, so just let us know if you’re interested again. Make sure to reflect on the feedback you received last time—and blow us away!

I don't live in the country where the office I’ve applied to is based. Will I need to travel for the application?


For your Business Interview: no, they can be held over a video call. If you’re invited for a trial day, you might need to travel to one of our offices, in which case we’ll take care of your flights and accommodation. Always check with your recruiter beforehand.

I'll need to relocate within range of one of Sendcloud's offices. Where do I start?


You’re moving for us? That’s amazing! Our team will help you with relocation, bureaucracy, and other practical matters. You can check our Expat assistance page.