Customer Success

At Customer Success, we conduct the Sendcloud orchestra to play the notes composed by the needs we gather from the market. That’s music to our customers’ ears!

We strive to be(come) trusted advisors to our clients – externally working on their goals with them, while at the same time representing their voice internally within the company. By strategically consulting, signalling trends and making sure that the client gets the most bang for their buck through proper onboarding, feature adoption and QBRs we aim to help our customers grow, ultimately helping Sendcloud grow.

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The only way is up: grow and win!

No matter what we do, we always do it from our shared passion of customer excellence. Ultimately, successful customers are the best recipe for everyone to grow and win!

What your future team mates have to say

Sam Hamer

Customer Success Manager Benelux

“Growing rapidly requires flexibility, creativity and ownership within the team. The culture at Sendcloud provides the environment that enables us to fail, learn and grow.

Working in Customer Success enables you to support our clients with all their challenges that arise after the conversion. Backed by a powerful shipping platform and endless integrations we deliver real value, helping our customers grow their business.”


Céline Lopes

Customer Success Manager France

“Being a CSM at Sendcloud has been rich. I get to share and defend our customer’s voices as well as brainstorm on business strategies with talented team mates. I’m right in the middle – between our clients and the other teams, which builds up my product and industry knowledge.”


Philipp Nick

Customer Success Manager DACH

“It’s a pleasure to work together with all the nice multicultural people here at Sendcloud. As a CSM I can help my customers develop and grow. This makes it even more interesting when we can provide our customers with a solution to become successful on both sides. In the end, the smile of a customer is the confirmation of having done the right thing!”


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