More than a team, an attitude!

Customer Service

Customer Service helps our customers by actively educating them on our product's best practices. This makes us true experts of Sendcloud! We keep up-to-date with every new release, update, and bug fix to empower clients and coworkers with the best product knowledge.

We are a diverse team of people from all backgrounds— sales, hospitality, tech support, you name it! Each teammate is unique, and their uniqueness adds value to our services.

Our department is divided into three teams—Support, Technical Support, and QA: across all of them, you'll find great values like loyalty, kindness, goofiness, and curiosity. Join our support squad and become a true SaaS expert! 🚀

Our motto

Easy shipping, easier support!

Our vision? Make support easy again! If we can make shipping easier for our customers, then why not support? We aim to offer our customers a flawless, high quality support experience that suits the fast-moving digital logistics world of today—and tomorrow.

What your future colleagues
have to say

“When I started my job search, I knew I wanted a work environment that felt like home. I didn’t mean to literally work from home—but I love how Sendcloud manages to stay involved with everyone even in challenging times like these. It shows how truly awesome our company culture is.”

Joan van Lochem

Technical Writer

“In our team I had the opportunity to grow professionally and personally, even though I had no prior experience in e-commerce. Your own creativity is highly encouraged, and hard work definitely pays off. Everyone is involved in the company’s growth and it really feels like we’re in this together. I look forward to many more years here!”

Alice Nisotakis

Quality Assurance Specialist

“Starting out at Sendcloud, the first thing I was told was 'You do you!', So I did, and the rest is history! I am always looking to connect the dots, improve workflows, and ask questions, and in the end, I was trusted with initiating our Technical Support team (aka the Nerd Crew). Take the opportunity to learn every day and shape your career!”

Loes Keijsers

Team Lead, Tech Support

Working with us has its perks ❤️

We want our people to be and become the best version of themselves.
That’s why we offer everybody at Sendcloud an awesome perks and benefits package to enjoy on—and off—the job.

Develop your personal and professional skills with in-house trainings and a €2000 study budget.

Friday drinks and paid-for team parties aren’t a special treat, they’re part of our culture. Work, then play!

Stay healthy and fit with our Sendcloud office gym and weekly group bootcamp sessions.

Gain proficiency and confidence in Dutch and English with complimentary in-house language classes.

Enjoy our flexible model and hybrid working options to find the best work-life balance.

Get a discount on your health insurance and secure your future with our company pension plan.

Once every three years, you get a four-week sabbatical on top of your holidays. Go make that world trip!

We offer expert expat assistance to internationals willing to move within range for us. Read more.

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