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The Operations team is the nervous system behind our growth. We connect departments by leveraging data automation, insights, and security, ultimately improving company processes and creating a seamless experience for our customers.

We have four teams: General Ops, Commercial Ops, Customer Support Ops, and Security & IT. Together, we improve data infrastructure, dashboards, and other innovations. Bear in mind though—this is not your average Ops team. 

We’re a vibrant and social group of people from all backgrounds. Sendcloud's best parties are always hosted by us! We truly believe in that whole work-hard-play-hard attitude—that’s how we make this rocket fly! 🚀

Fun fact!

Whoop whoop, it’s the sound of da police! 🚨

At Sendcloud, we want to continuously and proactively improve our organizational, technical, and operational setup to become a safer and better company every day.

That’s why Operations has its Security Officers, responsible for the execution of our Information Security Management System under the ISO 27001 norm!

What your future colleagues
have to say

“Working in the Operations team at Sendcloud means being part of a very passionate and ambitious team, where there's a lot of room to share your ideas and put them into action to accelerate Sendcloud’s growth and efficiency. Love the mix of strategical thinking, execution, problem solving, creativity, with a lot of fun too!”

Anna Gatti

Sales Operations Specialist

“Working in Operations is a great mix between business and engineering. We work with the entire company on process improvement, and we then bring some big brain thinking to implement these ideas. Combine this with random brainstorms, low-level (engineering) jokes, and spontaneous team battles to make this rocket fly!” 🚀

Bart van Rooijen

Quantitative Business Analyst

“Working at Sendcloud feels like you’re part of this awesome group of people that are building a crazy rocket ship together. 🚀  There are tremendous opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally. To top it we have an amazing no-bullshit culture of growing, winning and having fun!”

Bram Greijmans

Team Lead, Security & IT

Working with us has its perks ❤️

We want our people to be and become the best version of themselves.
That’s why we offer everybody at Sendcloud an awesome perks and benefits package to enjoy on—and off—the job.

Develop your personal and professional skills with in-house trainings and a €2000 study budget.

Friday drinks and paid-for team parties aren’t a special treat, they’re part of our culture. Work, then play!

Stay healthy and fit with our Sendcloud office gym and weekly group bootcamp sessions.

Gain proficiency and confidence in Dutch and English with complimentary in-house language classes.

Enjoy our flexible model and hybrid working options to find the best work-life balance.

Get a discount on your health insurance and secure your future with our company pension plan.

Once every three years, you get a four-week sabbatical on top of your holidays. Go make that world trip!

We offer expert expat assistance to internationals willing to move within range for us. Read more.

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