Customer Support

At Sendcloud we don’t take our customers by the hand, but transform them into smart shipping experts. By informing and educating our users we help them make the right decisions themselves, so they won’t need our help in the future any longer. And when something’s up with a shipment, we’re there to find out what went wrong – and fix it, fast and smoothly. 📦 🚀

We’re an amazing bunch of people from various backgrounds – from sales, hospitality, technical support etc. Everybody is unique and uses their uniqueness to add value to our services. An amazing team spirit, eagerness to learn and party minds are our team values. Join our support squad!

Easy shipping, easier support

Our vision? Make support easy again! If we can make shipping easier for our customers, then why not support? We aim to offer our customers a flawless, high quality support experience that suits the fast-moving digital logistics world of today – and tomorrow.

What your future team mates have to say

Loes Keijsers

Technical Support Specialist

“Starting out at Sendcloud, the first thing I was told was “You do you!” So I did, and the rest is history! I am always looking to connect the dots, improve workflows and ask questions. At Sendcloud I can actually show off these qualities and I was trusted with initiating our Technical Support team (aka the Nerd Crew). Take the opportunity to learn every day and shape your own career!”


Joan van Lochem

Customer Service Representative

“When I started job-searching, I wanted a work environment that felt like home. I didn’t mean to literally work from home – but I love how Sendcloud manages to stay involved with everyone even in challenging times like these. It shows how truly awesome our company culture is.”


Alice Nisotakis

Team Lead Support DACH

“Within the CS team I had the opportunity to grow professionally and personally, even though I didn’t have experience in e-commerce before. Your own creativity is highly encouraged here and hard work definitely pays off – which is a great motivator. Everyone is involved in the company’s growth and it really feels like we’re doing this together. I look forward to many more years with Sendcloud!”


Got your head in the clouds already?

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